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Dry Beaver

AngelaDear Archie and Angela:

I was taking a nice Sunday drive with a man I recently met, and we passed over a bridge that said “Dry Beaver Creek”.  His comment was … “OMG – no one wants to see a dry beaver!”.  OK, yes crude, but true for me when it comes to sex.
Guys have the “magic blue pill” to take care of any of their woes, but Women have a tougher time.  Even with all the lotions and potions available, somehow we are often asked, “aren’t you aroused enough?”, as if we are inadequate or not responding well enough to the Male’s advances.
For heaven’s sake, what is a girl to do (say)?
Signed, Dry Beaver Creek


Dear Beaver,

Well, it’s true … the blue pill isn’t in the middle of the sex act (swallowed, out of sight, and likely working) and there is that bottle of lube to be fiddled with in the middle of some rhythm.  And if that isn’t bad enough … perhaps the Male has decided to take matters into his own hands (so to speak) and has decided to SPIT on your nether-regions (oh now that’s sexy!)  ……. Watch it leave his puckered lips and make that long, slow motion drop and plop onto your lady-ness … oh yes, super sexy mood maker.  But then I also have to say … applied discreetly, gently, and with circular motion … can be a very nice natural lubricant.

But let’s address the Male’s behavior – abhorrent!!  Isn’t this guy over 50?  Where is his wealth of sexual knowledge and experience – and manners for crying out loud!  He really thinks you are going to go forward with him after that?!!  One thing mature adults should NOT be doing during intimate moments is ‘judging’ … “you’re not wet” … “well, you’re not hard … come on!  If you really like him – a lot – have a conversation with him AFTER the sex act (to whatever level it can play out at that point) and be honest, mature, and open about ways to find solutions together.

And for you guys who think, “well, we can just try a little harder/longer/slower/faster”, you are not in tune with the health issues of some Women at this age.  She can’t just “try harder” and get wet.  Her body is missing/low on REQUIRED hormones in order to manufacture lubrication.

Women, you have a medical research library at your (internet) finger tips.  Do what you can to address your health issue.  There are natural and non-pharma solutions. Let it be clear that I am not dishing out medical advice in this article, but many Women have found relief with estrogen and progesterone creams, pregnenolone and DHEA supplements, and testosterone creams/pellets (testosterone must be prescribed by a doctor … find an alternative health nurse/doctor for teaming with).

Senior sex has many issues (and advantages!) that call for support of our partners and sometimes compromise (aching hips, stiff shoulders, bad backs, whatever), so let’s find our compassion for one another, be kind and sensitive, and look for solutions together for fantastic sex over fifty!!


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