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Let’s “Meet-Up”

ArchieDear Archie and Angela:

I belong to many “Meet-Up” groups and there are several women over 58 around my age, that I find really attractive and that I like to be around. I say around because there are always lots of other single people in these groups and I can’t get a “Yes” from these women to meet me outside of these group activities. Why do women intentionally keep themselves in herds, whether with their girlfriends or mixed crowds instead of taking a chance on Love? What’s Romantic about hiding?
Unfortunately, It’s Taking a Whole Village!


Dear “La Villain de la Village'”:
Archie knows how tough it is for a lone Wolf to circle a herd of frosty Bison or Yak, as the case may be, while he stalks and tries to separate one or two out of the group ………… for having a frank talk about his hunger pangs!
However you think Love will materialize only because of a date with you, when actually Love can develop by just having a great time and having fun with these wary-pack-orientated Females. Don’t ask either of the two 58ish attractive Women out for a solo night! Let them be the ones to want to see You without the “maddening crowd”. Hey, as in any game of chess, know when to sacrifice some ground but take what’s there for you, and then assert, but by consent, when They ask to see You without “protection” of the noisiest sort.
If Archie were to deal with your lament about the loss of Romance because the Women you’re interested in seem to be “hiding”, he will say this to you: Does Romance bloom in a bowling alley? a dance floor? listening to a jazz concert and a hundred other Meet-Up activities? Of course. Be patient or you’ll blow your chances, Village complainer! The village is the medium for new connections!
Signed, Archie (Who has staggered around the floor slightly dizzy and maybe inebriated, and winked to himself and was most happy when Female members of the Village were there to hold him close and to console him) : )


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