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Let’s “Meet-Up”

AngelaDear Archie and Angela:

I belong to many “Meet-Up” groups and there are several women over 58 around my age, that I find really attractive and that I like to be around. I say around because there are always lots of other single people in these groups and I can’t get a “Yes” from these women to meet me outside of these group activities. Why do women intentionally keep themselves in herds, whether with their girlfriends or mixed crowds instead of taking a chance on Love? What’s Romantic about hiding?
Unfortunately, It’s Taking a Whole Village!


Dear Unhidden,

Has it occurred to you that these Women might want social interaction with both sexes and not Romance?

Unless the Meet-up group is specifically for singles finding relationships, these Women might just want socialization.  Women tend to LIKE socializing … with one gender or both.  And some people over the age of … let’s say 55 … sometimes make the decision to remain social AND celebate.  “Hello, sweetie, don’t mind me asking – but are you sex positive?”

So let’s say this IS a single’s meet-up group.  If the women you are approaching are NOT interested … Baby, they are not interested.  [Ouch]

Now let’s address the “herding” issue (as you call it … but frankly, Women are NOT cows … more like felines – and try herding them!).  I don’t care what age a Women is at, she will look for SAFETY in any new and unknown situation she puts herself in … so … yes, she may surround herself with her sisters with whom she feels “safer” … or certainly more comfortable.  Because a Woman is a Woman and a Man is an unknown species … with MANY variations (let’s not discuss the strength, power, unpredictability, etc.)

So give the girls a break …

Turn on your charm and wit and chivalry … and woo the Woman you want, eh?  If she’s not interested, she’s not interested and move on.  As everyone tends to say … “there are plenty of fish in the sea”.  But the other thing about Women is … patience and persistance often wins the day.


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