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ArchieDear Archie and Angela:

My girlfriends and I are split on this question:  Do guys NEED romance?  If so, what is it to them?

Signed, Taking No Bets


Dear Taking No Bets:
Archie “needs” some help here with a question that has some background and context for him in which to swish the swizzle stick about…….
Does anyone Need Romance? Simply put …… as long as the Male-Female energy fields are in range of each other, and the many attractor buttons are automatically pressed, the desire to: please, dazzle, learn of, from and with plus all the ways we give attention and show delight to the other species is part of this thing called, “Romance”!
Men have been brutally blamed over the centuries by Women for Not having a need nor showing of Romance. But then Men have acted in brutish ways with Women also over the history of this magnetic, magical, and un-managable (quite often), connection ……. that they, (OK, We), have earned that charge. However, most Women, Archie believes, think of Romance, Love and Sex without the notion of a hedge fund broker, trying to maximize the profit from a relationship with Men…..Or do they?
Archie firmly believes it is his species’ nature to preen, strut, demonstrate strength, quickness of intellect, and a certain panache’ plus the perennial thrust for recognition of the potency of this pea-cock!
In any case, this question with some story behind it, wouldn’t have Archie fishing .. swishing, or phishing in the dark!
Signed, Archie (Who believes in Romance and its civilized and tender showings in this otherwise fast-paced, Me-first mantra of the times).


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