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AngelaDear Archie and Angela:

My girlfriends and I are split on this question:  Do guys NEED romance?  If so, what is it to them?

Signed, Taking No Bets


Dear Non-Gambler,

You know what?  Men are as unique as each Woman is.  Ask a Woman what is romantic for her and you will get a full menu of items, many quite different.

Do Men need romance?  Well … they need ATTENTION.  An adoring smile, a word of support, a sincere compliment.  Many men find that sexy.  So maybe romance for them can be re-defined as sexy attention :o) 

But that’s not to say that a surprise bouquet of flowers won’t do the trick as well.  The key phrase here is: “pleasant surprise”.  They find women who’s actions they can’t always predict to be interesting and … you got it … sexy.

So the best advice I can give is: get to know your Man, his likes, dislikes and turn-ons.  Many things in the “like” and “turn-on” categories will suffice very well as “romantic”. 

Just make him feel special, because that’s the key to all things romantic (for a woman, too!)


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