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Costly Romance

AngelaDear Archie and Angela:

Who has time for Romance? Do we need to re-define this whole “industry” from greeting cards, flowers, chocolates and just write it off to another casualty to commercialism?
I’m a 58 year old divorced male whose day begins at 6:00AM. I then spend ten hours to work, working, and then commuting back home. I have two kids and 5 grand-kids who I’m involved with in a very supportive way and I workout 3 times a week, prep for work and watch some sports and escape channel programming.
My last two relationships cost me a lot of money and time. Wouldn’t joining an on-line dating site just take more time? Who’s got time? Aren’t women expensive and time eaters? Is that what being romantic is all about?
However, I do want to meet some nice women. I just don’t think I’m very romantic because of my time constraints. Please advise.
Sioux City, IA


Dear Hank,

Are holidays all about commercialism … or are there deeper meanings behind the simpler acts of loving people joining together to celebrate during those times?

You can pessimistically write off most anything these days to commercialism … or you can make something more of life.  I suggest you look at Romance in a different way than you have been.

Often times women appreciate the “little” gestures even more (forget the high maintenance material girls!). Like what you ask?

Like walking up behind her while she’s cooking, putting your arms around her waist and tenderly kissing the back of her neck. 

You wanna get laid?  Try that inexpensive gesture of Romance!

So use your brain, man. Fantasize about how many different ways you can touch her during an ordinary day.  She’s sunning herself at the pool?  Kiss the back of her knees.  She’s (kind enough) to watch your escape sports TV?  Grab a foot and some lotion, and rub her feet.  Listen to her moan and writhe under your touch.  Still not romantic??  Then get back to work and live your days out alone!

You say they take time?  Well, so do you bucko!  That’s what sharing your life (and time) is about in any relationship.

Don’t want to take her out to expensive restaurants?  Go to Trader Joe’s, buy some two buck Chuck (wine), and throw a shrimp on the barbie … holy cow, man, use your imagination!

Don’t want to spend money for online dating?  There are great dating sites that are FREE … try or  But even better … look for women where you are out and about during the day.  In the office building (preferably working for a different company)?  At lunch?  In the park?  At the gym?  Women are all around you, lad, not just online.

You say you don’t have time?  Sounds to me like you are LAZY and looking for excuses.  Buck up, man, and get on with your life.

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