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Sexy Siren

ArchieDear Archie and Angela,

I am a 58 year old woman who has been working in a man’s industry for decades.  I’m accustomed to calling the shots, being in control, and managing men all day.  I also like to do that in the bedroom, but find that most men my age (or older) are very “traditional” when it comes to sex.  I would like to develop a relationship with someone near my age, but I need them to be OK with me being aggressive in bed (even better yet, to LOVE me being aggressive in bed!).  Am I doomed to vanilla sex?  Why can’t a guy be OK in a long term relationship with a sex siren?  ‘Times are a changin’ … aren’t men?

Signed, Sexy Sophie


Dear Sexy Sopheeea: (SXYS for short)…..
The Archie and Angela website/blog is pleased to announce that your Siren’s Song has been heard and represents millions of over-50’s Women’s feverish dreams…….. finding a suitable Submissive mature Male to your Dominant (or Dominaxtric) bent.
And, Archie, however long and hard he has envisioned your passionate desires must warn, that many Males in their late 50’s (as you specify by way of a celestial cry for relief), may be rendered short by this persistently strident demand of them.
It appears however, that rather than a “vanilla sex” resignation that slumps your proud shoulders and sets your magnificent breasts a-quivering in premature grief-that you are, in fact, demanding, (however plaintively it “sounds”), kind of a monochromatic, “Spicy Mint-HazelNut” flavor all the time yourself. Egad Woman!! Why would any self-respecting Male grow callouses on his knees and stifle cries of pain through his tightly wrapped gag, while you traipse about in 5″ heels making a mockery of his manhood for your pleasure?
Still, Archie is intrigued by the boldness of your question and search for, as it must play out, a serial parade of initially willing playmates! Perhaps you should consider negotiating a modest block of time for such pyrotechnical nerve-end quiverings that a male would allow you to engage him in as a Dom, (say 5 hours or so)…… and then move on to “his” choice or at least a mutually agreed upon set of boundaries…… (It does seem you are a naturally-born boundary-breaker, SXYS! :  )  ). The downside here is premeditatedly scripting the free forms of sensuality and sex. (An engineer might think of this).
And……. for what it’s worth dear Sophia……. the times……. they’s a-changin’ alright……. but Archie has the notion you may be incapable of developing a long-term relationship with Any Male, while your own shopping agenda for sex is paramount…. or to be mounted with such a focus on the body. Try shopping harder out there……. you very well may get just what you desire and deserve, but not all of a spectrum a good Man is capable of giving you in a long term relationship of substance.
Signed, Archie – who has no trouble at all rising to answer the larger issues: head-on, underneath and behind this question, Sophia!

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