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Sexy Siren

AngelaDear Archie and Angela:

I am a 58 year old woman who has been working in a man’s industry for decades.  I’m accustomed to calling the shots, being in control, and managing men all day.  I also like to do that in the bedroom, but find that most men my age (or older) are very “traditional” when it comes to sex.  I would like to develop a relationship with someone near my age, but I need them to be OK with me being aggressive in bed (even better yet, to LOVE me being aggressive in bed!).  Am I doomed to vanilla sex?  Why can’t a guy be OK in a long term relationship with a sex siren?  ‘Times are a changin’ … aren’t men?

Signed, Sexy Sophie


Dear Sexy,

Yeah – what’s up with men?  I second your motion. 

It’s all about porn, and role playing with school girls in short pleated skirts for him … so how about his school teacher disciplining him when he is a bad boy?  There should at least be equal time.

And why can’t a guy be in a long term relationship with a sex siren?  They spend half their waking hours and all their masturbation time fantasizing about it.  Man up, men, and seize the day (or the round breast or plump butt cheek)!

Hopefully, at this stage of life, he is using his (lower AND upper) brain to determine how he can create a little spice in his life.  It doesn’t have to only exist with the late night jerk off video.  And you don’t want a man who is afraid that the passion power of his woman will get out of hand (as long as he keeps his hands on you!).

So keep looking (they ARE out there!) and maybe just start with an open-minded guy who is willing to explore, and mold him to your personal preferences.  Because any good man wants to please his woman, and that is generally a big pleasure for him.  Keep being verbal and tell him/show him exactly what pleases you.

Guys!  Write us on this one and let’s hear it from you.  Why can’t a guy be OK in a long term relationship with a sex siren?

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