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About Us



Hi, my name is Angela, I’m 56 years old, single, and have been using online dating services since 2003.  I’ve used most of the major online dating sites and corresponded with men all over the world.  After talking to scores of single men and women who are [baffled, miffed, puzzled, confused, and pissed off] by the online dating process, I realize they just don’t have a ‘volume’ perspective of how this works!  And … perhaps the expectations are a bit unrealistic [such as the common one … “If I put up an online profile, Mr./Ms. Perfect will just show up.”]  Notice that word “perfect” … are you looking for a human or a superhero??


Hi! My name is Archie and I am single and thankfully over 50! And without a doubt I can still see and tap away at a keyboard, so I’m very far from 80! I can attest that somewhere in between those ages there are thousands of lonely, (OK, yearning), men and women who are single that want to “partner-up” in some fashion.

It’s the myriad forms in the universe of, “some fashion”, that can be fun, full of foibles, frustrating and fantastically rewarding for the brave at heart. And it does take courage! But millions are meeting this way and we need a forum like this to talk about this electronic meet-up connectivity. You may even embrace the Love of Your Life on-line. I did…one time.

My perspective in commentary, of the many on-line dating services and the “Mall-like” shopping sprees, proffered for mature men and women to engage in, range from the attractive packaging of ourselves to the surprise of unwrapping the ribbon on our “on-line” find once we meet! What’s This?!

I will be engaging in a delightful point-counterpoint dialogue with Angela to better answer your questions. And with our naked polarities showing. What fun!


Well, we certainly don’t know everything but we’ve been around the online dating block a time or two [or three or four!] and perhaps you can benefit from our experience, trials and errors, and save yourself a bit of heartache.  We hope so.

Share your questions with us, and we’ll share our perspective based on our experiences.

We hope that both sexes will gain a better understanding by reading Archie’s View, Angela’s View, and then Archie’s Reply to Angela, and Angela’s Reply to Archie (if we have a counterpoint – or perhaps you’d like to start one!).

Don’t take it all too seriously … HAVE SOME FUN !!