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If you’re not real familiar with navigating blogs, here’s a quick primer to make your surfing smoother:

To read the full text of a blog:

   1.  Click the blog “title”  (such as, “Where’s the Bling?”)

To read all blogs on a certain topic (Dating, Romance, Sex):

   1.  Click the Category link under the Title (such as, “In Romance”), or
   2.  Find the Category in the navigation window on the right side of the screen.

To read all blogs written by a certain author (Archie, Angela):

   1.  Click on the authors Name under the blog Title (such as, “by Archie”).

To read Archie and Angela’s responses to the same question:

We wish you could read both Archie and Angela’s answers to a question side-by-side, but so far have not found a way to do that with this blog template.  So right now, click on the Title for Angela’s response and read it, then use your back button, and then click on the Title for Archie’s response.  Any counterpoints by the other author will be seen at the end of each blog.

Enjoy!  And please take our anonymous feedback survey so that we can continue to make this site even better for you!

P.S.  The feedback link is also located at the bottom of every page in the blog for your convenience.  And please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube by clicking on the icons right underneath the page banner.