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Tag: intimate

Dry Beaver

Dear Archie and Angela: I was taking a nice Sunday drive with a man I recently met, and we passed over a bridge that said “Dry Beaver Creek”.  His comment was … “OMG – no one wants to see a dry beaver!”.  OK, yes crude, but true for me when it comes to sex.   […]

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Dear Archie and Angela: Almost every man I’ve dated lately talks about watching porn as casually as watching morning Saturday cartoons.  When I was dating in my younger years, this behavior was considered perverted.  Have times (and men) changed so much?  Is it for the better … really?? Signed, Put Porn in the Poky! ______________________ […]

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Long Distance Odds

Dear Archie and Angela: I’m a 61 year old, robust and active Male who has enjoyed, (and suffered at times), several marriages of reasonable length, and all the Women in my life through loving and sensual relationships, plus some v. short hellos and goodbyes! But my most intense, hot, spiritually deep and difficult relationship for […]

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Dear Archie and Angela: My boyfriend and I have been dating for several months now and are having sex.  Last weekend he asked me to blindfold him and spank him; frankly, I was uncomfortable doing that and told him so.  Is he off his rocker, or has the dating world left me behind after decades […]

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What about Sex?

Dear Archie and Angela:   I’m one of those over 50 men who was surprised by being divorced after 24 years of a pretty good marriage. I’m facing a whole new dating scene.  What about facing the sex questions? Such as: How soon? What do women expect of me?  There seems to be so many […]

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