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Tag: connection

Let’s “Meet-Up”

Dear Archie and Angela: I belong to many “Meet-Up” groups and there are several women over 58 around my age, that I find really attractive and that I like to be around. I say around because there are always lots of other single people in these groups and I can’t get a “Yes” from these […]

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Dear Archie and Angela: My girlfriends and I are split on this question:  Do guys NEED romance?  If so, what is it to them? Signed, Taking No Bets _________________ ARCHIE: Dear Taking No Bets:   Archie “needs” some help here with a question that has some background and context for him in which to swish […]

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Where Did She Go?

Dear Archie and Angela: I have two problems with online dating that I don’t understand: 1) I contact many women and probably get a response about 8% of the time, and then 2) when I do hear from a woman she may answer a time or two and then just completely go silent.  What’s up? […]

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Dear Archie and Angela: I’ve been dating an outdoorsy guy I met online and he has a Romantic rating of 3.4 on a 1-10 scale. How can I persuade him to move up the scale a lot so I can stay in this relationship?  I really like him, but ice-fishing, outdoor ice hockey, and indoors […]

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