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Tag: attraction

Invest or Divest?

Dear Archie and Angela: I’m usually described as a 63 year old voluptuous, vivacious, and viking-like, twice divorced single Woman. I have been married for a total of 35 years and have enjoyed my freedom in between marriages and during the last 3 years dating and most recently on-line. I screen carefully, because I show […]

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Dear Archie and Angela: My girlfriends and I are split on this question:  Do guys NEED romance?  If so, what is it to them? Signed, Taking No Bets _________________ ARCHIE: Dear Taking No Bets:   Archie “needs” some help here with a question that has some background and context for him in which to swish […]

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Getting to BINGO!

Dear Archie and Angela: What do you think I can do to lighten up this whole heavy burden of “Dating”? This scene for men usually implies a progressive “board game” until they get to “BINGO”!  My girl friends and I are in our early 50’s and are really tired of all the traditional rituals, and […]

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Jumping Into Bed?

Dear Archie and Angela: I don’t know about other women, but it seems to me that the men I contact online are ready to jump into bed before we even meet.  Is this usual or am I sending a signal I am unaware of?   Signed,   Bed-leery in Oregon ———————— Hi Bed-leery in Oregon: […]

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