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Dear Archie and Angela: My girlfriends and I are split on this question:  Do guys NEED romance?  If so, what is it to them? Signed, Taking No Bets _________________ ANGELA: Dear Non-Gambler, You know what?  Men are as unique as each Woman is.  Ask a Woman what is romantic for her and you will get […]

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Big Mistake

Dear Archie and Angela: Perhaps you can help me figure out what went wrong with the gift I gave my Lover last Valentine’s Day.  I had read a book on male/female relationships and found it extremely insightful and thought provoking – so I gave him copy for Valentine’s Day.  I thought we could review it […]

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Dear Archie and Angela: I dearly love your answers and Counterpoints to each other to most of the readers’ questions that you accept. My question is probably a familiar one:  I am 68 and have been widowed after a 31 year marriage. It was a slow, agonizing illness. I think I’ve recovered mostly, but as […]

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What is Romantic?

Dear Archie and Angela, What types of things do men/women find Romantic?  Clueless in East Peoria ————————————————- ANGELA:  Dear Clueless, Ahhh, Romance!  My favorite part of all this courting stuff!  I suppose we should check with Mr. Webster to get an accurate description of this noun/verb (for you anal retentives ;o), so here goes: 1.  […]

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