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Tag: body language

Invest or Divest?

Dear Archie and Angela: I’m usually described as a 63 year old voluptuous, vivacious, and viking-like, twice divorced single Woman. I have been married for a total of 35 years and have enjoyed my freedom in between marriages and during the last 3 years dating and most recently on-line. I screen carefully, because I show […]

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Touchy Feely

Dear Archie and Angela: I have to ask you two Pros something that’s going to “sound” very strange. But for me, it comes up on every date I go on and of course with different guys at different times. I have this Thing about my own body space! I find that men seem to think […]

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What about Sex?

Dear Archie and Angela:   I’m one of those over 50 men who was surprised by being divorced after 24 years of a pretty good marriage. I’m facing a whole new dating scene.  What about facing the sex questions? Such as: How soon? What do women expect of me?  There seems to be so many […]

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