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Tag: role playing

Sexy Siren

Dear Archie and Angela: I am a 58 year old woman who has been working in a man’s industry for decades.  I’m accustomed to calling the shots, being in control, and managing men all day.  I also like to do that in the bedroom, but find that most men my age (or older) are very […]

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When VD Doesn’t Mean Valentines Day

Dear Archie and Angela: The last time I was dating (a few decades ago!), we didn’t even think about venereal disease (I guess now correctly called sexually transmitted disease or STD).  We used a rubber, but only to prevent pregnancy.  Now I am faced with asking my partner to use a condom (or, for heaven’s […]

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Not Perfect?

Dear Archie and Angela: I’m around 60 and due to a bad accident, walk with a pronounced limp and I kind of lean to one side. I’ve had almost 10 one-time only “first dates” and I am pretty sure the women don’t want to deal with my challenge. How can I make sure I won’t […]

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