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Tag: behavior

Slam Bang

Dear Archie and Angela: What is up with these men on online dating services who want to rush through the process?  In my experience, about two thirds of them push to talk on the phone, meet within a week of first contact, then it’s like they act on their first impression (maybe get close enough […]

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Getting to BINGO!

Dear Archie and Angela: What do you think I can do to lighten up this whole heavy burden of “Dating”? This scene for men usually implies a progressive “board game” until they get to “BINGO”!  My girl friends and I are in our early 50’s and are really tired of all the traditional rituals, and […]

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Not Perfect?

Dear Archie and Angela: I’m around 60 and due to a bad accident, walk with a pronounced limp and I kind of lean to one side. I’ve had almost 10 one-time only “first dates” and I am pretty sure the women don’t want to deal with my challenge. How can I make sure I won’t […]

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