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Tag: touch

Stop! Do Not Pass Go

Dear Archie and Angela: On a first time internet date, I encountered an interesting situation. We met at a upscale restaurant to a glass of wine which turned into two glasses. Conversation and everything seemed to be going well. Then after a hour or so, he asked me if I wanted to stay and have […]

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Where’s the Bling?

Dear Archie and Angela: I’m a very sexy looking woman of 55 who likes the men in my life to lavishly gift me every time we are together. Why is it nowadays, that so many men I date aren’t very romantic this way anymore? Am I old fashioned about wanting displays of affection and esteem? […]

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What is Romantic?

Dear Archie and Angela, What types of things do men/women find Romantic? Clueless in East Peoria ———————————————– ARCHIE:    This is a question by our “Clueless” friend from East Peoria that penetrates right to the heart of all this online dating frenzy. Why go to all this trouble? Relationships are trouble: Spend more time hyper-connected to […]

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